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True love πŸ’˜

True love πŸ’˜

This is one big wait for us all but we just wanted to check in with all our lovely customers that have dresses ordered and for any new customers on our waiting list. 

We have been enjoying being online and sharing some amazing dresses and accessories we have in stock from the best designers around for when we all return to what will be the new normal. We will have further updates once the update tomorrow is done by the prime minister. For now though our fantastic offer is still on if you join our waiting list there’s a massive 10% off any new orders t&cs apply. Don’t miss out and send us an email

We love being apart of our little family team at something special. But this isolation time has been wonderful but also really hard at the same time. We’ve all had days where we have got lots and lots of jobs done that we never had the time to do before, baked, eat and eat some more loving the time with our little family in this glorious weather we have been lucky to have and felt great! But then there’s been other days when we just are fed up and seem to be going around in circles and homeschooling isn’t going well and we’ve prayed for that time the kids are in bed and we can sit and have a drink in peace and quite πŸ₯‚  Times are uncertain but we will come out of this stronger and with a whole new outlook on life and with loads of new ideas for our wonderful shop we just can’t wait to get back and see you all again! 

So please know we are here for you any questions or even just to have a chat πŸ’­  We are also still uncertain on what the next step will hold but we will be there making sure we keep all our customers safe with a new system of appointment and a way of making sure everyone still feels special that is our number 1 priority. 

Our lovely brides you are doing great with your online planning and if your wedding has been postponed take it as a blessing that you have now extra time to make it even greater and even more beautiful! We will be in contact as soon as we can be back in. 

To the beautiful prom girls who’s last year is just not what it was suppose to be getting grades that may not be what you had hoped – it will be fine you will get through this, but now your prom may have been postpone we will keep hold of your dresses until your time is here and we shall be contact to get the new dates. We will still endever to be the best price and beat any other store but not only that be the best with all our customers! 

You are great and you are amazing!


M, P & V




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True love πŸ’˜

This is one big wait for us all but we just wanted to check in with all our lovely customers that have dresses ordered and

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